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“Everything you need to launch a Stunt career!”

“Get 4.5 years of stunt acting experience... in a 2 week course!!”

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Stunts are one of the most exciting and demanding components of film and television production, but getting into the “business” is nearly impossible without real life training and a dynamic demo reel... something that takes on average 4.5 years to solidly get your foot in the door.

Our affordable 2 week course will give you a shortcut that will put you far ahead of all the other people competing for the same roles.

But like everything... it’s not just what you know, but who you know! This is your opportunity to get years of experience from top industry talent, who can help you get your career on track.


• Peter Kent: Stunt performer (15 year; Schwarzenegger stunt double), Stunt Coordinator, Producer, Writer, Director, and Actor. Read about Peter Kent on IMDB

• Dale Floyd: Stunt performer and 16 year veteran Stunt Rigger, and Actor

• Jon Funk: Stunt performer, Stunt Coordinator, Fight Chorographer, Armorer, and Actor Read about Jon Funk on IMDB or visit his site

View a demo of Stunt School spring 2010:

Everything you need to launch a Stunt career

Our course is designed by long term industry experts to let you walk away with a complete A-Z stunt acting skill set. You’ll learn:

• All types of falls, including the most difficult – the back fall.

• “Air sense” – the correct timing and movements for a dynamic, injury free sell.

• Gymnastic Falls - Front flip, Back flip.

• How to get air “hang-time” while selling the flawless fall.

• How to work camera angles to sell fight scenes like the best.

• Selling the hit – make the audience flinch with every punch.

• Become familiar with common firearms so you’ll look like a seasoned pro on camera.

• Learn how to safely display, draw, and fire a gun during a gag.

• Live fire exercises with blank firing guns.

• Learn how to sell your squib hits with live pyro.

• Fire - Experience a burn with Nomex, Gels and fuels for a safe, visually exciting burn *fantastic demo reel material here!*

• Wire Work - learn the stationary mechanical ratchet.

• Wire flying techniques for green screen.

• Rigging safety techniques from the pros that will keep you safe on indie sets.

• Experience an actual car gag and the roll-off maneuver.

• Experience a backward fall through a plate glass door/window. *Great demo reel material here!*

• Learn the prep and what to look for to make the glass gag safe.

• Experience free rapelling.

• Stair Roll – 5 steps to it injury free.

• Underwater Fighting – how to make it sell and sizzle, safely!

• High Falls - how to sell your air time and make it real.

• And much, much more!


This 2 week course covers the most important components in any stunt person's arsenal, and enrollment is limited to keep the instructor/student ratio low!

Classes start September 2013 in various Vancouver locales.

We are offering this course for an introductory price of only $2300 (plus tax).

BONUS: Sign up and you will receive a professionally edited/titled demo reel of your work throughout the course. This alone is a $500 value to you!

To register for the course, please contact for enrollment details.

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied in any way with our course, we will refund you 100% of your money, no strings attached, no questions asked! This is an unheard of policy for this type of course, but we are committed to giving you the best instruction and experience possible. Offering you a 100% refund is our way of proving this to you and displaying our faith in the materials we teach.

PS. There are currently only limited spaces available. These will fill before the deadline. They can be filled by you, or by your competition. Don’t let someone else get the edge on your career, contact us and reserve your space today.

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Testimonial from Stunt School students:
We just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful experience you provided for us throughout the stunt course. It was an honor and a pleasure to be part of a great stunt school. Thank you very much for providing an accurate knowledge about the industry. We very much appreciate every detail about it and look forward to working with you in the near future if that’s a possibility. It was a pleasure meeting you and will try to keep in touch as much as possible. Thank you again for everything.

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